soldier squatsmall


Much done this week as usual. We started off the week deciding on our gaming platform. This was a tough row to hoe for there are some extremely innovative platforms out there, such as the PS Move, the Dance Dance Revolution Dance Pad, BodyMedia, etc. But eventually, we settled on making the Wii Fit Board work with the Kinect. We realize that practically no one will have these two items in the home, but since we are making a prototype, we decided that creating something that tracks the entire body was a very important design element. We also suspect that this next version of the Kinect will have the capability to track all the things we want to track in our game making it easy to scale and distribute our game in coming years should the US Army decide to do so.

During mid-week we had our quarter presentations. This is a time when faculty visit the project teams and give advice on what we are creating. We had great feedback and will definitely be using a lot of the advice we received, such as making something in our world sticky, using proper exercise routines, and scaling our project appropriately.

Today, Friday, we finalized our game story. We had a great time figuring out what role the character would play and what they were fighting to achieve, finally settling on the following:

Google powered Spiderbots have revolted against their human masters. In doing so, they have shut down all computer and tech companies. All but AOL, that is. The spiders had forgotten they exist. The player is an employee at AOL who has been helping work on a hoverboard to compete with the Google car, and this hoverboard might be humanity’s last hope. The player, and a friend, must mount the hoverboard and make their way into the spider’s lair which lies far beneath the Earth’s surface under the Google campus in Silicon Valley. There, they must defeat the master spider in order to bring freedom to humans everywhere.

We’re very excited about getting to work on our game and have begun forming game design documents and gathering preliminary art to showcase to our advisor on Monday.