Soldier sittingsmall


It has been a very productive week. Having solidified our platform and story last week, we dove right in with creating preliminary art assets and programing game mechanics. We also had productive meetings with Mike Christel, our advisor, and Jesse Schell, professor and all around game guru.

Jesse did bring up some fascinating points about our game design. He suggested, instead of concentrating on one singular game and mechanic, make a lot of little games and find a way to string them together. We immediately began brainstorming and came up with a great way to work that philosophy around our existing game design. Now, instead of just going through the subway tunnels and fighting spiders, the guest will use the Wii Fit Board to navigate through the tunnels, and stop at the terminals to play a variety of mini-games. We think this will give us ample opportunity to play with different mechanics, concentrate on the ones that work well, and keep things fresh for the guest.

As of today, Friday, all the mechanics are working on their own as our four programmers have each taken a different chunk of the tasks. Our modeler has also finished all preliminary models and our texture artist is finished with his first pass of textures. A basic music track is ready to give the game some energy and tomorrow the programmers will begin to put their code into one game scene.

On Monday will will have a playable demo and we will continue throughout next week inventing the mini-games Jesse suggested.