0502131742bThis week we showcased Webz of War at the BVW Festival, and we couldn’t have asked for it to go any better!

The team spent the first half of the week putting together a tutorial for the game–one that was brief and easy to understand. A key impetus for this was the faculty urging us to have some sort of instruction after we presented at Softs. We now have something that is brief, understandable and also entertaining.

But the litmus test was really the BVW Festival. This is the night when family, friends, and people from the entertainment industry are invited to the ETC to experience the things we have built over the semester. We are happy to report that not only did players understand the tutorial, but they enjoyed the game. We collected 27 feedback forms which showed that our game really struck a chord with old and young alike.


As of today, we are getting the game ready to ship out to the client at the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) while simultaneously getting ready for our final presentation on Monday afternoon. It’s been a semester full of ups and downs, but our team has never lost sight of our goals, and we really pulled together to make a fantastic game.

Thank you Dr. Joseph


Samosky for your feedback, Dr. Thomas “Brett” Talbot for being such a great client to work for, and Mike Christel, our advisor, for his time, patience, and dedication to his students. And last but not least, the faculty and staff here at the Entertainment Technology Center for giving their time to help make this game something we’re proud to call our own.