Can you hear it? It’s the sound of the semester coming to an end.

The team spent the week making a lot of tweaks after Spring Carnival and our Soft Opening. But the really good news is that they are only tweaks! The faculty was, for the most part, pleased with our game. They were excited to play and very happy to see we’ve actually achieved our goal of using heart rate data to drive parts of the game. After they came in to play our game on Monday, we sent them a copy of their heart rate graph, and they seemed to really get a kick out of that.

Up ahead, we still need to make a tutorial. We met with our advisor, Mike Christel to discuss whether or not it was enough to have just a sound tutorial throughout the game, but it wasn’t. Our game designer, Megan Johns, is now going to spend the weekend creating a tutorial. Some additional audio was required but it was a short recording session.

Mat Robinson, our 2D artist, also made more spider textures so that the game is awash with visual excitement. We’ve also been able to use the banner he made for the carnival as an element in our promotional videos and in the game itself.

CardioactiveBanner Webz of War small

Speaking of promotional videos, Monday night, our producer/sound designer/composer, Paul Navarro, finished our 3 minute and 30 second promotional videos and uploaded them to the site, so check them out on the media page.

As always, the hardest working on our crew are the programmers. A shout out to Tzu-Hsun Lu, Heather Martin, Vijay Poduval, and Andy Roxby for a great week of fixing what was broken and making better what was already working. They’ve worked well together all semester and it shows in the game.

We’re confident we’ll be ready for the BVW festival next week, and look forward to having people from the entertainment industry, family, and friends play our game.