Week 8

Hi everyone! Welcome to week 8 of our project.

Just a week away from halves, we have an ETC –  playtest setup for the week! We are looking forward to share our work with our faculty and fellow students.

Our prompt for this week is Tools for Cozmo! This prompt will be carried forward into Week 9. We worked on some unique applications of Cozmo!


Nice To meet You

An interesting idea we worked this week where we integrated Twilio messaging API to send messages between user and Cozmo. We made a flirty Cozmo experience where Cozmo asks for your name and number and displays his number on LCD screen. Once user sends message back to that number, Cozmo shows more interest and flirts with user by sending video messages.  This is small story based interaction where Cozmo flirts with you and reacts based on your response by message.


Learning Mechanics (using LCD face display) – Continued from Week 7

We received interesting comments for using Cozmo as a learning tool for Kids from lot of people who visited our project room in past few days. We explored a lot of educational ideas in the beginning, here’s an example of one of the games we developed –

B. Cozword, a word of the day

Our second prototype in this space was “Cozword, a word of the day” where say new word, display on his LED whenever he finds a face. Also he says meaning of that word.


Drawing Mechanic

We also worked on drawing mechanic with Cozmo where he can hold marker in his arm and can draw letters. So idea is that Cozmo can write user’s name or just initials on drawing paper using color marker. He also say it as he draws to involve user in experience while he is driving around to make letters. We faced few issues with his ability to remember poses in his world, but results we got was not too bad. Currently he can draw certain letters (For instance “Mike”). We will continue working on this in next week to include all letters and also to make it more accurate.


The playtests were really helpful especially in showcasing our work. We had a lot of interest from the 1st year students and the feedback we got was useful. Most of all it was really nice having everyone come in and play with Cozmo! We will be spending most of the weekend preparing for our Halves presentations!


Thanks for tuning in, see you all next week!