DAM Photo


Hello NEIFHeads!

Up above you will find the DAM team photo featuring the awesome painting skills of our Lead Designer and Artist:  David Shiyang Liu.  Pictured below the members of DAM are our spirit animals: Doge, Grumpy Cat and the Purple Tentacle.


Here is our logo, which was shown for the first time at the White House Game Jam.  It is in the shape of a triangle to reflect the strength and leanness of our multi-disciplinary three-person team.


And here is the front and back of our half-sheet: a promotional flyer that is hosted at the ETC as well as something that we will be giving out at conferences and other promotional events.

So DAM has just finished up our 2nd two-week sprint of the semester (how the time flies!) where we further developed our infrastructure for procedurally generated levels, improved the game’s physics, added new art and implemented scale changes.  Procedural generation is crucial to our vision for NEIF 2.0 as it helps facilitate a unique and surprising experience each and every time you pick up the game.

There is always a balance that needs to be struck between design and procedurality, otherwise it can adversely affect the interest curve or create impossible levels.  This is a tremendous design challenge, but one that we feel confident we can fine-tune through playtesting and iteration until it creates the best feeling balance.

Stay tuned for a more in depth look at it’s implementation and other tidbits about the development of Not Everything is Flammable.