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So at the Entertainment Technology Center we have certain milestones throughout the semester where we show off what we have been working on to the faculty and get feedback on our progress and process.  Quarters takes place (as you would expect) roughly one quarter through the semester.  It is crazy that 25% of the clock has already ticked away, but we are pretty happy with what we have accomplished despite limited time and resources.  Pictured above is Salvador Barrera, one of our awesome faculty members, who is wearing the unmistakable expression of a jubilant child while burning his way through our current prototype.

Besides showing off our prototype, we also presented our semester long plan, design goals, and talked about what we have done so far.  The primary focus of our first month has been in creating a rock solid foundation to build the rest of our game on.  Two of the biggest priorities were setting up procedural generation for the levels/objects in the world and designing/implementing a smooth scaling mechanic.  Other things we have been busy with are fine-tuning the physics/art in the world, creating designer facing tools that allow David and I (Mac) to tweak things without requiring any coding, composing music in Logic Pro to be exported and arranged in FMOD Studio, and optimizing performance of the game for use on an iphone.

This will be a tricky month as we are losing David to the SATE conference this week and then later in October to a trip to Seattle. I (Mac) will also be traveling to the Indiecade conference October 8th-12th.

We are aiming to have our first fully playable prototype with all major features by the end of this week so if you are interested in playtesting email us at

Until next time NEIFheads.