It’s a pelvic crust that really drives us insane.

We’ve become fabulous fabulists here at Team Evolve. Sorry, that was a complete fabrication. What I meant to say is that we’re actually fabulous fabricators. The pictures above and below show that there’s no bones about it.

In addition to all the lame puns, it was a bona fide work week with the full time back and assembled for the first time in two weeks.

Raisa, our Countess of Crafts, has this to say about the bones: “The bones need to appear alien in nature, with structures similar to a humanoid being, but features that help these creates stand out and support the environment they evolved in. The pelvis would be very similar to that of a human pelvis, as the beings we envisioned would also walk upright and give birth to live creatures, with the major exception being that they would need greater weight on the top of the pelvis to help balance them as they dug through earth underground. The hands of these creatures would have to differ significantly from human hands, as they are a burrowing species. Thus, I built up thicker bones and lining between the fingers to strengthen the hand for digging.”

Time pressure is starting to set in and the first item on the chopping block was an overly ambitious story arc that involved sending the players’ robot guide through the town’s underground maintenance shaft, boarding a rocket, and launching to Mars. As fun as this idea was, it became too impractical to pull off with our remaining time (involving several puzzles we hadn’t yet even remotely created), and we actually ended up with an ending sequence that feels a lot more grounded now. 😉

Next week we’ll be running more tests on our puzzles, preparing our final script for the filmed sequences, and continuing to build out the machines and equipment for the puzzles.