Newsletter 2


Hello again everyone! We are team Fear & Freedom, who is making the game about North Korean human rights.


We refined our project goal to determine “what” we need to accomplish. Then we decided, ‘how’ to accomplish it with our Transformational Goal.


Project Goal :

To raise awareness of North Korea and show how they can help.


Transformational Goal :

  1. From vague sympathy to concrete admiration:

We want the player to view North Koreans as diligent individuals rather than brainwashed victims.


  1. From unknowledged to knowledged:

We want to give facts about daily life in North Korea as objectively as possible.

Our basic overview is designed to incorporate these two transformational goals while keeping in scope.


Basic Overview


Who is the player?

The player is a middle aged woman who recently escaped North Korea. She is being interviewed by western media. During the interview, her memory flashes back to the town where she was lived as a mother, merchant and wife.


What is the player supposed to do?

Her goal is to stay alive and provide for her children. She trades goods at Jangmadang (a reluctantly permitted capitalist market in North Korea) to earn a living. Meanwhile, she has to follow or circumvent the oppressive regulations of the government. The difficulty of the game will increase as we introduce more government regulations. She will ultimately escape North Korea to find freedom.



We’ve mostly set up our production pipeline. Next week, we will be producing actual stages, characters, arts assets etc. We are aiming for the first playable prototype to be available in the next two weeks. Your initial thoughts about our game idea will be extremely useful since you belong to our target audience. Thank you very much for your support!