Newsletter 3


We have decided the title our game: Jayu (자유). It means liberty / freedom.

We have started developing our game’s programming, art and UI. Here is a screenshot of

our game and a sketch of our game’s market UI. (We still need to add in portraits of the

“Great Leaders” for the room, of course).

Realtime rendering of our game. UI design for inventory and market.

The current mechanic of Jayu is trading goods at Jamadang. We are worried that this

gameplay lacks enough ways for players to improve their skill. Papers, Please requires

players to remember new rules and compare dierent details. These simple mechanics

allow the player to progress based on their skill.

We are uncertain whether a trading mechanic allows enough player skill. We also want

more synergy between our gameplay and transformational goal. Feel free to send us

ideas and/or comments!