This week our team’s focus is puzzle development. Weidi is working on our puzzle design and Ruoxi helps to find the right sound clips. Meanwhile Brian is working on the story script and Shawn is working on skill flow builder implementation.

Weidi designed and built the maze + sound puzzle using skill flow builder and play tested with five people.

Here are some of the early prototypes.

The following are notes from play testers.

The following are some of the puzzle ideas we have for other acts.

Act 2:

Get the opportunity to meet Mayor through Mrs. Chilirosa

Shout out “Super Duper Hot Blue Pepper Sauce” to the Mayor.

Act 3:

Get either seed or botany knowledge from the seed trader

Memory challenge that you remember the right recipe for a potion that can remove the bad symptom on the seed trader caused by the cow-plant. Using “find ingredient” to explore his stock and “take xx” to put that ingredient into the potion. 

// About the seed trader & cow-plant

Act 4: 

Small challenges on the way to where the Citrine is

You walk across a misty forest/maze forest with a flower that the seed seller gave you.  Looking at different directions, the flower with making different sounds. Distinguish the right sound and walk toward that direction, the flower will lead you to the destination.

Act 5:

Persuade the spellcaster to come back to town

The spellcaster locked you inside his lab because he is waiting for an important plant to bloom(a substitute of the core ingredient). You inspect his lab and find the way out. During the process, you found that he is discovering the formula to remove the curse and you got the core ingredient from the seed trader.  Using: look at, inspect, use xx on xx to explore the room and escape the room. 

Next week, we will continue on story script and integrating puzzles into it.

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