Project Room

Week 1 (Jan. 12th- Jan. 16th)

So it begins! We are Play4Life!

We made it through the first week. Almost. It is still Friday morning but things look promising. We kicked off the week by shaking off the Winter Break rust. Our team is a solid mix of 4 first year students (working on their first project course) and 2 seasoned veterans (in their last semester as ETC Students). We have been working to get our schedules finalized and synced up in hopes to have a solid amount of core hours each week. It is looking like Monday/Wednesday/Friday, as is typical for ETC Projects.

Once our calendar is solidified we will schedule a weekly client meeting as well as a weekly advisor meeting. We contacted the client and hope to go visit them early next week to fully understand the expectations they have for us and we have for them. All of our administrative tasks such as self-assessments and signing our IP forms have been completed.



We have a larger team with 6 people, so ensuring we have regular team meetings where every person can attend may be more difficult than smaller teams. Our client is located in West Virginia. This will make it more challenging to get out there on a more regular basis, but it is not unmanageable. Once we get on a roll things will settle down.


Next Week:

Next week, we will have our first client meeting and site visit. This will help to more formally kick off our project goals and limitations. Our artist, Gina, is now able to get going on our marketing materials since we finally have a team name. By the end of the week, we should have a clear project problem statement and some solid brainstorming sessions. This will allow us to get the scrum board up and functioning so that we can get into a rhythm. Also, we can dive into decorating our room and researching. Our room, as seen below, is pretty plain at the moment.