Weekly Newsletter – Week 14

Week 14 (April 20th- April 24th)   We had our Soft Opening with the faculty on Monday and a large playtest on Wednesday. Most of the faculty feedback was very positive. Some expressed concerns that our project was too easy, as we are developing for 2-4 year olds. They believed they would like anything we […]

Weekly Newsletter – Week 13

Week 13 (April 13th- April 17th)   Our playtest was fantastic on Saturday. We got a ton of great feedback. Everything seems to be working well with minimal bugs. The projector looks great in the space, even when they have all the lights on. The kids seem to really enjoy every phase of the experience. […]

Weekly Newsletter – Week 12

Week 12 (April 5th- April 11th)   Big news this week on the projector front. We got our final projector and flooring. We plan on using these in our playtest on the 11th. We also made progress in getting the final computer for the install. The ETC was nice enough to provide us with 2 […]

Weekly Newsletter – Week 11

Week 11 (March 30th- April 3rd)   This was a big week in terms of progress for the team. We had a great playtest on Saturday as part of the ETC’s annual Playtest Day. We had multiple children for 2 hours play through our experience. It was interesting to see how their interaction methods changed […]

Week 10 – Newsletter

Week 10 (March 23rd- 27th)   This has been a fairly productive week for the team. We have been working hard to implement our new “connect the blobs” feature. We think this will increase engagement for some of the kids in the older age bracket, but also will help to teach the younger children a […]

Weekly Newsletter – Week 7-9

Week 7,8,9 (March 2nd- 20th) It has been a fairly eventful 3 weeks. At the end of Week 7 we ran a playtest with over 30 kids. Then we abruptly went to the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco and had Spring Break the week after that. The team took a shortened Spring Break in […]

Weekly Newsletter – Week 6

Week 6 (Feb 16th- 20th)   Another busy week for team Play4Life. We really dug in and hashed out the design and worked out our prototypes. We set 2 playtests for next week so we will be racing toward finishing a complete prototype for that next week. The programmers have been tackling issues such as […]

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Weekly Newsletter – Week 4

Week 4 (Feb 2nd- 6th)   This was a busy week for Play4Life. We had our branding review session and the feedback has kept Gina busy with iterating on the marketing design. The programming team has been prototyping different ways to accomplish our paint splatting idea and the design team has been iterating on ways […]