Week 14 (April 20th- April 24th)


We had our Soft Opening with the faculty on Monday and a large playtest on Wednesday. Most of the faculty feedback was very positive. Some expressed concerns that our project was too easy, as we are developing for 2-4 year olds. They believed they would like anything we make. Others wanted to see more evidence that the kids were having fun and actually participating in our experience as opposed to just randomly running around. Our team believes we have these answers and look forward to providing them in finals.


Part of the challenge of working with young children is that they often don’t give their direct feedback in a cohesive way. We playtested with nearly 20 middle school children on Wednesday and interviewed them directly in order to get a more comprehensive set of data, even though they are out of our demographic. They are more recently removed from being a young child than we are and provided very strong and candid feedback. Most of the feedback validated the design decisions we made, and we are excited to show that to the faculty.


We also worked on a new tracking system that is more stable than the TSPS we have been using all semester.


Finally, we wrapped the week by making the physical artwork for the front wall of the installation.


Next week is our last week before installation and we are hammering out the details of that now.


Until next time,