Week 13 (April 13th- April 17th)


Our playtest was fantastic on Saturday. We got a ton of great feedback. Everything seems to be working well with minimal bugs. The projector looks great in the space, even when they have all the lights on. The kids seem to really enjoy every phase of the experience. One problem we encountered is that the floor still tends to shift a bit, which was unexpected. We found a solution and will be ordering it next week.


We were also lucky enough to have Sue Bryan from Walt Disney Imagineering stop by the room and give us feedback on the experience. She seemed to really like it. Her one main question was who is she in the experience, which is a very good question. We haven’t really defined who the guest is in the world, but perhaps with children that are only 2 years old that isn’t much of an issue.


We also shot our promotional videos for softs. Our faculty soft opening is on Monday so we spent the majority of the week prepping further for that. We should get some good feedback on Monday and that will hopefully give us direction with regard to where to best spend our time over the final 3 week push.