Game design advice for the “7” team:

  • Success is in the subtleties, but don’t ignore the “lizard brain.”
  • When designing a new interface, consider first how a user would do things wrong; start with the “fail” state, rather than the preferred state.
  • What works as a video game won’t necessarily work as a slot machine/casino game.
  • Does the bonus game meet the player’s expectation after all the work they’ve done to get there?

Sound design advice:

  • Good sound design is about layers and context, moods and emotions.
  • Gross exaggeration sounds normal to the listener.
  • For sound design ideas, play a movie that has a similar theme as your game, only don’t watch it, just listen!

On players:

  • Players like to feel as if they have a good sense of the odds.
  • Players are enticed by leader board-type displays that show what others have won.

Industry speak:

  • A high volatility casino game pays out more, but less often.
  • A low volatility casino game pays less, but more often.

Welcome to the WMS / ETC project, spring 2011!

WMS Gaming is a world leader in innovative, high-tech casino games that offer an unparalleled level of entertainment for the gambling dollar. For 2011, WMS has once again partnered with the ETC to explore technologies that can redefine the casino experience, and “7” students have been chosen to lead the way. Game design for the casino industry falls under a strict set of unique parameters that will challenge “7” at every step, resulting in a final deliverable that’s part video game, part location-based attraction. Their goal is to exceed expectations set by previous WMS projects, with a proof-of-concept that’s both outrageously fun and disarmingly engaging.