Game design advice for the “7” team:

  • Success is in the subtleties, but don’t ignore the “lizard brain.”
  • When designing a new interface, consider first how a user would do things wrong; start with the “fail” state, rather than the preferred state.
  • What works as a video game won’t necessarily work as a slot machine/casino game.
  • Does the bonus game meet the player’s expectation after all the work they’ve done to get there?

Sound design advice:

  • Good sound design is about layers and context, moods and emotions.
  • Gross exaggeration sounds normal to the listener.
  • For sound design ideas, play a movie that has a similar theme as your game, only don’t watch it, just listen!

On players:

  • Players like to feel as if they have a good sense of the odds.
  • Players are enticed by leader board-type displays that show what others have won.

Industry speak:

  • A high volatility casino game pays out more, but less often.
  • A low volatility casino game pays less, but more often.