Week 7 – Playtesting and Scheduling

Now that we’re into March, we are starting to feel the urgency of time.

After receiving our first background music demos (courtesy of Yutian Zheng), we playtested the emotional impression that our environments left on guests in both Oculus and CAVE this week, and discussed the feedback we received to create a plan of future development steps for each environment that would enhance our emotional targets.

We took the results of the playtest and created a plan of action for each environment to better reach our goals for each one’s visual development and the resulting emotional impact.

This week, we are starting to make some significant steps forward in terms of populating the environments we are building. The character pipeline is well into rigging the humanoid story-centric characters, and building out creatures that will push the rest of our environments to the next level.

Given that almost half of March will be lost to spring break and GDC, we made a plan for how we could effectively spend the time we have to push our project forward. We have also begun discussions for how we will organize the creation of the preproduction package, and are executing a plan for our halves presentation on March 26th.