Hello everyone! We are Team Transcendence, a name chosen to reflect the idea that we will be attempting to help children transcend their past traumas to reach a higher daily life experience. We hope that in addition to their continued therapy, our project will augment their experience of learning about the Cognitive Triangle concept of TF-CBT (Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy); and discovering new outlooks that allow them to analyze negative ways of thinking and change them into positive ones.

We are all very happy to have had the opportunity to contribute to such an important cause: creating new, innovative ways of cognitive therapy. The interactive nature of games and virtual worlds being used to extend cognitive treatments is a field of discovery that has only just begun to be investigated. We faced a stimulating challenge of trying to aid in the positive transformation of players while maintaining the fun and allure that makes virtual worlds so enthralling for us as gamers and game designers. We hope players enjoy the experience we’ve created for them!

Our game is available on the Google Play Store!