Traumatic experiences often leave negative after-effects in children. This can cause recurring negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Our client, the [Allegheny Health Network], takes these children through a program called TF-CBT, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to both inform and help them recover.

Team Transcendence assisted in TF-CBT by creating a game to augment the therapy. TF-CBT: Triangle of Life is our mobile game that will teach traumatized children about the Cognitive Triangle of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as how to replace their negative thoughts with positive ones. Our game received an honorable mention in the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations PEACEapp competition. We also had a paper published by the Association for Computing Machinery in the CHI PLAY ’14 Proceedings of the first ACM SIGCHI annual symposium on Computer-human interaction in play (available in their [digital library]).

Tech Specs

Product: Mobile Transformational Game
Platforms: Smartphones & Tablets
Operating Systems: Android, iOS
Development Platform: Unity, version 4.3 (2D sprite-based)



Objective: Lion (the player) must find out why all of the animals are discontent and help them feel better.

Every night Wolf howls at the moon because he is lonely and thinks no one likes him. Having heard this so many times, one night Panther asks him why he howls every night out of sheer curiosity. Wolf thinks that she is annoyed and angry about his howling so he runs away without a word. He vows to never howl again.

The next night, Owl – who always wakes up at the sound of Wolf’s howling – sleeps straight through the night and is unable to hunt. So the following morning he wakes up hungrily and notices all of the un-hunted mice outside of their holes. Starving, he zooms towards them. Meanwhile, Monkey, as she eats her breakfast banana, sees Owl flying overhead and calls out hello to him. Owl is in such a hungry rush that he does not notice Monkey’s greeting. Monkey feels insulted at being ignored and haphazardly throws her banana, almost hitting Fish in the pond below. To kick off the game, Fish asks Lion to find out what’s wrong with Monkey. It’s up to the player to get to the bottom of the chaos in the savannah and help all of Lion’s animal friends feel better!