Week 7: Spring Break

Time for a relaxing break!

Just kidding!! Spring Break isn’t for another two weeks! But we did have a spring break… inside the machine. A special lasercut spring made by Voxon for the machine broke and we don’t have an immediate replacement.

Thankfully, Voxon is very nice about the whole ordeal and offers to expedite ship us a new one (with a few extra just in case) ASAP.

Unfortunately, it is still all the way in Australia so it will still take a few days to get here.

Luckily we had 5 weeks of practicing creating content for the machine without actually having it, but this time, we have seen it in person and know a little better what works and what doesn’t.

With Halves next week, we take all the learnings we have had so far to keep polishing our demos so they’re ready to present during our presentation!