UI/UX Design-Connection

UI/UX Design-Connection

Users will always expect to see interface elements in the context of object they want to control. So we build the connection between users and our application in each step.  The user goes to Setting in the right corner of each PowerPoint, click Setting icon, find Customization, edit your rehearsal and click Check button.


Then go to Calibration to test their own voice before practice the presentation. After the presentation, the user will review their performance. We keep design things handy for user, our application can be edited, changed or otherwise controlled, place those controls right next to it. For the sentences, we ask the user without hesitation if you want to users do something. For example, “Please keep silent during the test.”  There is a big difference between expecting users to do something on their own, and asking them specifically to do it.


So we have to implement an interface that lets people easily accomplish what they want instead of simply implementing access to a list of features.