Week 13: Documentation and preparation for softs

Week 13. Whoo. It was hard to imagine that we finally made it!


This week, we devoted most of our time to documentation. Documentation, as one of our deliverables, should be used in companion with our prototype. We want our prototype can not only be working products, but also an inspiration to community who has keen interest in CS education. Our clients, the Alice Team, might also rely on our technical documentation to continue development of any of the prototype they are interested in.

Specifically on the documentation, we decided the template of documentation on Monday, and split the tasks to each team member. Luna was responsible for technical documentation for Color Cube and Solar System, and she also contributed a lot to materials for softs opening. Jiawen was responsible for writing step-by-step guide for cute fractal and sample code for several other prototypes. Zach was responsible for writing overviews for some prototype and the whole Project, and Joe took up most of the technical documentations for the ones he was involved. Nick was responsible for tutorial on several prototypes he was leading, while Miriam was responsible for tutorials for the rest of the prototypes and overviews of the project.

Every member of our team paid lots of efforts to bring the documentation into shape. For this week, we were able to finish the drafts for documentation according to the plan. Before the softs, the team collected the materials and drew the posters to better demonstrate our prototypes.