So What Do Virtual Reality Games Have to Offer Computer Science Education? By Miriam Harries, Producer and Designer for Team
Here we are! Finished with the last week of work before final presentations! We spent this week refining our documentation,
It's hard to believe it, but we're almost done with the semester! We have one more week before final presentations, and
Learn about parameter passing by building a jumping robot given the materials you have in the inventory!
Week 13. Whoo. It was hard to imagine that we finally made it!   This week, we devoted most of
Learn binary search by magically dividing a lattice of colors until you get to your target color!
This is it! We've wrapped up our final week of official development on our prototypes. Knowing us, we'll continue tweaking
This has been a relatively quiet week here in Wonderland. We've made great progress on our current prototypes throughout the
Understand linked lists by fixing a mixed up banner!
Why isn't the car factory working properly? Modular programming helps you find the answer fast!
Despite half-semester presentations being over, this week was somehow just as busy as last week. This was largely because not
This was a crazy week for us here in Wonderland. We were not only adjusting to being back from spring
This week was a four-day week, with Spring Break starting on Friday. That meant that our schedule was a bit
This week we started development on our next two prototypes: a modifiable chain of flags to demonstrate linked lists and
Use the magic of functions to create beautiful, intricate shapes in space!
This week we finished up development on the Solar System and Fractal Magic/Boom Fractals/Cute Fractal prototypes (the second one went
It's hard to believe, but we're already a quarter of the way through the semester! This week was primarily about
Design a custom solar system with your own unique planets (and learn about objects and classes along the way)!
This was the first week that we really split up and worked on substantially different tasks. We started development on
Research We did one more round of group research this week, focusing on the unique strengths of virtual reality, Digital
This week we dove into researching topics related to our project in order to get ourselves familiar with the space
Our team will be spending the semester exploring how the core principals of the existing Alice materials (using creative expression
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Write up for the solar system prototype