Project Newsletter 9 (10/27 – 10/31)
Week Overview
This week we used some feedback from halves as well as some ideas for the coming playtest to drive the team. We also decided to really push ourselves to make the most of the coming weeks, especially this one as we were going to be having a set of playtesters coming through the etc on Saturday.
This week james looked through some of the information for the advisors for the coming process grades. He also made some additions to the website, to provide more information on the teams process and the decisions.The inside of the outpost needed texturing for future use, as well as separating some of the UI into pieces for the new logbook.
Christian began going through some of the various missions and creating a more refined set of implementations for the developers to use. He also added a feature for users to click on clue objects to view and rotate them at close range. He also began looking into the UI and how to add some juiciness to the layout and animations of the log book.
This week Eric spent time on completing the King Eider duck model, and then using that model to create the female version of the Eider duck. After making those, he passed the models off to Shashank, and started work on the Seal. While he was doing that, Shashank started the work on the animations for the wolf and the polar bear. Over the week the walk and run cycles were developed. Those got finished the night before the playtest, and were a good addition to the content of the game.
Levi looked into implementing the login we wanted to test on Saturday for the ETC playtest. He managed to get that close to finished on Wednesday night, test it on Thursday and implemented it with Ken into the game for the playtest. Ken implemented a lot of changes, from randomizing the caribou movements to optimizing the game to drop the draw calls. He also worked on adding the wolves and polar bear using the information from Christian earlier detailed in the week.
Next Week
Next week, the team will consider when to have the following playtest. We’ll look into some of the things we’d like to change and add to the game, to make sure the return to Mountainview Elementary will be a successful one. The team got a lot of work done this week and we hope to keep up the motivation and production rate next week.