Youth Education Tundra Initiative

Weekly Newsletter 10

Project Newsletter 10 (11/03 – 11/07) Week Overview   We went into this week off a playtest from the weekend, which we found to be helpful in many ways. It was with 2 children for 20mins each, giving us a different overview from the last, where we had over 60 playtesters doing surveys. This way we could use observation a lot more, and ask more direct questions. Using this, we are.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 9

Project Newsletter 9 (10/27 – 10/31)   Week Overview This week we used some feedback from halves as well as some ideas for the coming playtest to drive the team. We also decided to really push ourselves to make the most of the coming weeks, especially this one as we were going to be having a set of playtesters coming through the etc on Saturday.   Production This week james looked.. Read More