Youth Education Tundra Initiative

Weekly Newsletter 13

Newsletter (Dec 1st – Dec 12th)   Overview Over the final two weeks, there were some significant changes made. We actually came off a bit of a rough softs on the 25th of November, where the game had some issues with stability. We knew we had to correct this as well as fix some of the other issues with awareness and movement in the game. Players still struggled to find.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 12

Newsletter (11/17 – 11/21) Weekly overview The following week we were coming up to softs, and made plans as to what we wanted to include in the build for it. We knew we had a lot of work to do and prepared for a push over the weekend!   Production James spent some time looking at what the team was hoping to include in the actual build for softs, and.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 11

Project Newsletter 11 (11/10 – 11/14)   Week Overview The team came out of a productive week, but knew we had to do a lot of work for the coming play test. We traveled on the Friday, and we feel like had another successful playtest with two new groups of students, and two old sets of students.   Production James started the week with organizing the details with the client for.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 10

Project Newsletter 10 (11/03 – 11/07) Week Overview   We went into this week off a playtest from the weekend, which we found to be helpful in many ways. It was with 2 children for 20mins each, giving us a different overview from the last, where we had over 60 playtesters doing surveys. This way we could use observation a lot more, and ask more direct questions. Using this, we are.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 9

Project Newsletter 9 (10/27 – 10/31)   Week Overview This week we used some feedback from halves as well as some ideas for the coming playtest to drive the team. We also decided to really push ourselves to make the most of the coming weeks, especially this one as we were going to be having a set of playtesters coming through the etc on Saturday.   Production This week james looked.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 8

Project Newsletter 8 (10/20 – 10/24)   Week Overview This week the team spent the beginning of the week focusing its efforts on preparation for the midterm presentation, and utilised the time remaining in the week to work on revisions from the playtest and move forward with backlogged production tasks.   Production James had outlined the structure for our half semester presentation at the end of last week, and setup.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 7

Project Newsletter 7 (10/13 – 10/17)   Week Overview This week the team focused our efforts on analyzing the data and observations we gained from our playtest, extracting action items informed by the results, and making revisions based on the feedback.   Production Alongside coordinating with the faculty advisors and external contacts, this week James worked with Christian to go through the playtest surveys and dig into the data for.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 6

Project Newsletter 6 (9/29 – 10/03)   Week Overview This week the team worked hard to do the necessary preparation for our playtest, and we were rewarded with a successful playtest on Friday.  We gained a lot of information, both from structured feedback and from observing the players,  and we had the satisfaction of seeing the game we had been working on in the hands of the players.  We visited.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 5

Week Overview This week the team went over the faculty feedback from quarters walkarounds, gleaned some key takeaways, and focused in on the goals and implementation of a testable prototype for our first organized playtest next Friday.  We have spoke with our client, and are set to make a trip next Friday and  put what we have been developing in the hands of our end users, the students of Mountainview.. Read More

Weekly Newsletter 4

Last week the team got underway on implementation and started creating art assets and programming the components that could be put together to prototype our gameplay.  We had a rough basic prototype with a player controller and placeholder terrain in place to give us a sense of scale. This week the team prioritized the steps to iterate on our prototype and include a ‘mission’ with multiple objectives.  So far our.. Read More