Noah Kankanala

Noah Kankanala is a sound designer and composer who is passionate about using sound as a variable to enhance the guest experience. In 2020, he received a BS in Game Design from Indiana University where he developed a multifaceted background in game design, sound design, and music composition.

At the ETC, Noah is very excited to further build his collaborative and technical skills as a sound designer by working in multidiscipline teams to collectively navigate the developmental pipeline and cultivate an engaging experience. He is interested in exploring VR to better understand how spatial sound can be used to create feelings of a sensorial place.

Ultimately, Noah desires to work as a lead sound designer for an innovative game studio whose experiences generate new insight into what it means to be human.

He is a lifelong Nintendo fan, loves film, and is particularly inspired by the works of Koji Kondo and Radiohead.

Current Project: VESP

Role: Sound Designer and Composer