Why the ETC?

On a recent Facebook video series, we asked ETC students why they chose the ETC for their graduate studies:

Jacob Rosenbloom

We hear from ETC second year student Jacob Rosenbloom on why they choose the ETC to study. "My dream ultimately is to have a company that allows for under and misrepresented demographics to create media and distribute it on a massive scale in an attempt to resocialize the country with the new perspective and viewpoints."

Posted by Entertainment Technology Center on Thursday, October 19, 2017


We hear from ETC first-year student Caleb Biasco on why he choose the ETC to study. "My goal is to become a leader in the industry. My hero is Satoru Iwata the late president of Nintendo."

Posted by Entertainment Technology Center on Wednesday, June 27, 2018


Ziyu Interview

We hear from ETC second-year student Ziyu Zheng on why they choose the ETC to study. "The ETC trains students to become interdisciplinary. We learn how to communicate with people from different backgrounds."

Posted by Entertainment Technology Center on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

10th year celebration of Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture

In 2017-2018 CMU celebrated 10 years since Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture.  As one of the co-founders of the program, Randy’s influence can still be found on who we are and how we do things.  As part of the celebration, ETC Professor of the Practice, Jesse Schell game a lecture titled “You Can Do More Than You Think”, a phrase he heard Randy use often.

See how a degree from the ETC has helped some of our alumni in their careers.



“I came to the ETC because I wanted to break into the entertainment industry.” Eric worked on project CaveMen to create a virtual immersive experience during his first year of studies. Watch as he shares how he is fulfilling his passion at the ETC.

Watch Eric’s Video



Asi Burak President, Games for ChangeETC alumnus Asi Burak “The ETC was the beginning of my journey…” From ETC student to the President of Games for Change, Asi Burak shares his journey.

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TomWebResize2Associate Producer, Electronic Arts Tom Corbett: “As a company in this industry, ETC students are very attractive to us”.   Tom delves into the EA-sponsored projects that students are actively developing as they uncover the future of gaming.

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Experience Design Lead, Anne Kelly “The ETC completely prepared me for my career at Google.”  Randy Pausch learned by doing and taught Anne to do the same.

Watch Anne’s Interview




Why the ETC?

Watch the videos on the left from faculty, students, alumni and industry professionals the opportunity to share their insight and personal stories with the entire ETC community.

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