Services for ETC Students and Alumni

Enrolling at the ETC gives you an excellent opportunity to gain industry knowledge and skills, but what will you do with them after graduation? Some students know from day one, for others it is a journey of personal discovery and professional development.  Career Services at the ETC is available to assist you, regardless of your starting point.  This is accomplished in a variety of ways, including:

  • Resume reviews and mock interviews
  • Career exploration consultation
  • Internship and job search consultation
  • Career focused events
  • Employer relations and development


Services for Employers

Seeking talent at the ETC gives you access to highly qualified entertainment technology professionals who are ready to solve problems and contribute to your organization.  Career Services at the ETC is available to facilitate that access in a variety of ways.  Programs and services aimed at increasing your brand, recruiting new talent, and supporting your new hires and the on-boarding process is available.  Not only do the employers have access to the ETC new graduates, access to alumni is also available.  There are the many ways Career Services can collaborate with you to assist in your recruitment needs.

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