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The talent that comes in and out of this place is simply inspiring. Since you need to work as a team on projects (and you can’t be an expert in everything), here's a great resource for finding people that have the skills or experience you’re interested in.

Faculty / Staff

Daniel Abeshouse
Amanda Anderson
Steve Audia
Brenda Bakker Harger
John Balash
Tina Blaine
Minal Bopaiah
Dave Bossert
Jan Bozarth
Caitlin Burns
Stuart Candy
Mike Christel
Ruth Comley
Tom Corbett
David Culyba
Drew Davidson
John Dessler
MaryCatherine Dieterle
Hannah Gunderman
Mk Haley
Jessica Hammer
Estefania Harbuck
Evan Hirsch
Jessica Hodgins
Chuck Hoover
Anne R. Humphreys
Charles Johnson
Michael Keaton
Heather Kelley
Todd Keruskin
Brad King
Chris Klug
Melanie Lam
Michael Lee
Golan Levin
Stone Librande
Phil Light
Rebecca Lombardi
Bryan Maher
Moshe Mahler
Cari Marty
Paul Pangaro
Randy Pausch
Paolo Pedercini
Vicki Poklemba
David Purta
Olivia Robinson
Carl Rosendahl
Shirley J Saldamarco
Jesse Schell
Donald Slater
Scott Stevens
Kristin Tchetchko
Jon Underwood
Ralph Vituccio
Luis Von Ahn
Jonthan Walton
Steffen Walz
Ricardo Washington
John Wesner
Shirley W. Yee
Robert Zacharias
Caitlin Zunic

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