Przemyslaw Iwanowski

Przemek's passion for electronic entertainment started when his older brother got Commodore 64 which Przemek quickly embraced as his own. He decided that one day he will be engaged in game development.

Computer graphics was the thing which fascinated Przemek the most in games and movies. After he got his first own PC he started to experiment in 3d environment using early 3D tools although, his experimentations ended when he signed up for dancing classes and started his career as a ballroom dancer. He was competing on the dance floors for over eight years which earned him a position as a finalist on the Polish Latin-American Dancing Championships.

Nevertheless, his strive for knowledge and understanding pushed him away from his artistic side into a more scientific and intellectual realm. He came to the US to pursue a degree in computer science. Because Przemek hates to be bored and has multiple interests, he found a time to complete a second major in Economics. However, it was when he took a computer graphics course that he realized where his true passion lies.

While searching for graduate programs he came across ETC and immediately got intrigued with its content. It was the only program he found that would let him combine his artistic and scientific endeavors. After graduating he hopes to be a trigger of the huge gaming industry or possibly get involved in the creation of motion pictures as a technical artist.

Educational History

Computer Science/Economics University of San Diego