“Aristeia” [ἀριστεία] is ancient Greek for “excellence,” particularly performing at the peak of one’s potential after a long struggle. Team Aristeia works with the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to design exhibits and makerspaces that help children of all ages understand and appreciate the struggle that leads to mastery, and works to bring children and adults together as co-equal explorers of the world around them. Aristeia explores the narrative potential of transmedia play, especially in the context of museums and continuing engagement. The project’s end goal is a process for establishing and exploring possibility space for museums attempting to create new makerspaces for children. The team is working with museum staff, learning scientists, and professional educators to develop a cross-discipline model of multigenerational exploratory engagement, which will inform the foundational principles of future exhibits at the museum.

Team Members: Antonin (Tony) Fusco, Junghee (Ashley) Koo, David Palumbo, Kirsten Rispin, Alejendra (Aly) Soto

Project Instructor:  Shirley Saldamarco

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