Team Ditto is designing a game this semester that takes full advantage of Google Stadia’s state share feature, a groundbreaking aspect of the Stadia platform that will allow players to share 30 second snapshots of a given game save, allowing players to jump into each other’s game saves at the click of a button. Throughout the semester, Ditto will be building prototypes and testing prototypes that will try to centralize the state share feature as a core gameplay mechanic, and from these prototypes create a final demo whose gameplay is uniquely suited not only for state share, but the Google Stadia platform as well.

Project Instructors: Carl Rosendahl, Melanie Lam

  • Siyu(Tracy) Chen
  • Liangzheng Luo
  • Wenyu Mao
  • Liam Philiben
  • Jue Wang

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