Face 2 Face

Team Face-2-Face is partnering with a group of SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) researchers from the University of California, Santa Cruz to explore the use of facial recognition and augmented reality to help individuals improve their emotional expression and recognition. Throughout the semester, Face-2-Face will examine and experiment with a variety of AR and facial recognition platforms. We will be prototyping and tinkering with numerous designs in an effort to determine not only what kind of engaging gameplay can be centered around facial recognition, but also how to create an experience that is capable of improving one’s emotional expression and recognition as a result of these mechanics.

Team Members: Freya (Linyao) Li, Ashley (Zhaoyi) Liang, Chang Liu, Liam Philiben, Yoli (Huijun) Shen

Project Instructors: Dave Culyba, Shirley Saldamarco

  • Huijun (Yoli) Shen

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