Full Stop

We are Full Stop. We are working with our client, clinical psychologist and researcher Dr. Lorelei Rowe, to develop a prototype software tool that uses virtual reality to train college-aged girls to stand up for themselves in the face of unwanted sexual advances. The tool will be used in My Voice, My Choice, an assertive resistance training program facilitated by Dr. Rowe.

Currently, My Voice, My Choice uses a VR role-playing program which requires the participation of a live actor. Our goal is to revamp the VR tool with a realistic, immersive experience that digitizes the voice and actions of the actor and has all the controls a single facilitator would need to provide effective training.

Ran (Rebecca) Ran, Tiantian (Tina) Han, Hye Lee (Hailey) Kim, Yanyu Tong, Anying (Amber) Zheng

Project Instructors: John Dessler, Heather Kelley

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