NEWSCAN is an educational mobile game that deals with the consumption and spreading of fake news, and is designed for real-time play by 100-200 participants. The game is being developed by a 6-member team from Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center as a 12-week-long project, and will be presented at the Games for Change Festival in June 2018.

During our presentation at the Games for Change Festival, we intend to divide our audience into different groups, in order to simulate the real-world state of affairs surrounding news creation and distribution. Players will then be asked to consume information that they believe to be authentic and make collaborative decisions based on that information. The core objective of NEWSCAN is to educate players about identifying with (as well as sharing) fake news.

Overall, Carnegie Mellon and Games for Change hope to make a mobile game that successfully encourages players to both check articles’ sources and think before they share.

Faculty Instructors: Brenda Harger, Ralph Vituccio

  • Naomi Burgess
  • Srujani Kamineni

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