We are project Pupil, creating prototypes to come up with an educational wire-frame for a future classroom using augmented reality (AR) head mount display. Through multiple prototypes, we will come up with educational design patterns for future special screen inside a classroom.

Before using boards or computers as education tools, students learned a subject by observing, feeling, and discussing the real object. These days, the main interaction shifted from the physical object to 2D display interaction. As the spatial display gradually replaces the 2D monitors, our team aims to seek for design education for the future classroom, where has a spatial display as an education tool.

Project Instructors:  Heather Kelley, Ruth Comley

Team Members: Yujin Ariza, Qiqi Feng, Bryan Kim, Erhan Qu, Ridima Ramesh, Ricardo Tucker

  • Yujin Ariza
  • Qiqi Feng
  • Ridima Ramesh

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700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219