Project “Re-Present” is dedicated to prototype an interactive experience in Virtual Reality for students to practice their public speaking skills with the help of expert assessment and machine-generated feedback. Students will be able to reflect on their performance after the presentation, save their data and practice repetitively. Our client at CMU Heinz College will use the VR tool to collect data and provide feedback through her Strategic Presentation Skills course. At the end the team at ETC aims to deliver a playable VR application along with a website for data visualization, as well as documentation of features for future potential implementation to the research team.

Project Instructors: Heather Kelley, Ricardo Washington

Team Members: Yein Jo, Magian (Yunhao) Li, Makar (Ke Ma), Shuo Wang, Howard (Hyun Jong) Won

  • Ke Ma

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700 Technology Dr. Pittsburgh, PA. 15219