VR Rehearsal

VR Rehearsal is a semester-long virtual reality project at  Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center. The target audience is the general public lacking confidence about upcoming presentations. The project introduces an innovative method of practicing presentation by which users are able to self-improve presentation skill conveniently with their mobile devices. VR Rehearsal provides an interactive virtual presentation environment with virtual audience and slides import support. Users are able to customize the environment for various practice needs such as number of audience and space. By embracing low-cost mobile head-mounted display devices, we expect VR Rehearsal to be more accessible to users. Our goal is to deliver VR Rehearsal as a handy application for people’s daily use. We strongly believe that it can contribute to not only education industry, but also serious game industry.

Project Instructor:  Shirley Saldamarco, Dave Culyba

Team members: Jaekyun (Brandon) Kang, Byunghwan (Phan) Lee, Xunchi (Chris) Sun, Wenting (Wendy) Zhou, Yang Zhou

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