Applications for the Creative Good internship are only open to current students of Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. First and second year masters students may apply. We will offer one (or more) students a grant to cover their summer employment at a partner non-profit organization.

Yearly Timeline

  • Fall Semester
    • Creative Good Fund is announced to incoming and returning students
    • Previous winner(s) publish their project and white-paper for other ETC students to review and learn
  • Spring Semester
    • Students work with faculty to find a non-profit client to work with and develop a proposal with that client
    • Applications are due to Drew Davidson by early Spring
    • The committee will choose a winner(s) and notify them by mid Spring
  • Summer
    • Students complete their project with their client
    • Students complete their report on their work
    • Students complete their research white-paper

What do I win?

Mentorship from ETC Faculty & Alumni involved in this endowment

  • The Alumni have pledged their time and expertise to the winner of this endowment. The winning student(s) can expect:
  • on-site visits to Alumni offices
  • virtual mentorship on the project
  • bi-weekly progress meetings
  • introduction to alumni and faculty networks
  • and other support through the duration of the summer
  • See the About Page to see our team

The student(s) who win the endowment will be granted funds to support their internship experience with the non-profit organizations

  • The funds are used to provide a summer internship salary to help cover expenses.

Pitch Guidelines

In the Spring semester, interested students should meet with the faculty to propose their interest. Only one or two grants will be given out each year.

Proposals will be around 1000 words, submitted to Drew Davidson, and then the committee will follow with input and questions.

Students are expected to submit a proposal explaining why they are the best candidate(s) to:

  • Help an existing non-profit client enhance, repair, or otherwise “level up” their projects
  • Create positive press and “buzz” for the client
  • Enhance the positive public image for Carnegie Mellon University, the Entertainment Technology Center, and this endowment.

Required components of the proposal include:

  • Work with ETC Faculty to find a client willing to participate with the students
  • Budget if there are any additional expenses expected
  • Expected requests of Faculty and Alumni advising this internship
  • Answers to the above questions


By the September directly following the summer Creative Good internship, the winning student(s) are expected to deliver a report detailing:

  • project implementation details
    • project analysis (were the goals met?)
    • client response
  • interaction white-paper
    • how did guests react to the project
    • what was unique about the demographic affected
  • internship website updates
    • much like the ETC project pages, winning students are expected to provide content for the website
    • this includes adding their own project to its archives
  • The winning student(s) are also expected to contribute their time to mentoring future winners of this endowment


  • All applicants must be currently enrolled ETC Students (either first or second semester)
  • The winner is expect to have no other summer jobs / clients than their proposed project
  • Please keep in mind that this internship is based on donations, and the funds secured for it will be kept in an investment account.
  • While the faculty and alumni involved in this project will be acting as advisors, all logistics and execution are up to the students to perform. Be sure that you have the financial and legal means to accomplish your objectives.

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