Week 09 – Remote Setup and Project Goal Changes

We just came back from Spring Break and we are just getting used to our new set up now that we are continuing with the project and working remotely.

We don’t have a lot to update this week except getting used to the new workflow that we assembled, getting our equipment from the ETC, and paper prototyping and setting up the next chapter.

This week we are…

Derek – Paper prototyping Chapter 2 Mechanics

Sally – Remote gold spike and Chapter 2 design assistance

Ryan – Implemented Chapter 0 into the build

Minz – New UI creation for chapter 0

Chelsea – Remote gold spike

We briefly met with Jessica Hammer this week and sought out some feedback for our Chapter 2 designs and changes to the project goals.

Since we are likely not going to be attending ACM IMX this year we have to prepare for presenting our current work in other ways remotely. We are cutting design pillars and moving forward with capturing the game through video. Hopefully we can make it back into the ETC before the semester ends!