Playtest day Videos and Feedback Forms

Welcome to the Playtest Day website for We Choose Each Other (WCEO)! We’re making an augmented reality experience based on Rosenstrasse, the historical role-playing game about the Rosenstrasse Protests. On this page you’ll find videos demonstrating our experience so far as well as links to forms to leave feedback for each video.

In WCEO, two players take on the roles of Max and Annaliese. As a Jewish man and German Aryan woman living in 1940s Germany, players experience and role-play how their marriage evolves over the course of the war. The story finally culminates with players participating in the Rosenstrasse Protests, where hundreds of non-Jewish women protest en masse for the return of their Jewish husbands and family members by the Nazi regime.

To actually play the game, players walk between real-life street signs and then interact with digital scenes at those locations using an iPad. Players also role-play conversations with each other as Max and Annaliese.

Since our game was originally designed as a location-based experience, you can’t play the full experience remotely. So we made these demo videos to show you what we have so far.

Here’s how YOU can help us:

  1. Watch one of the Demo videos
  2. Click the link to the feedback form underneath the video
  3. Leave feedback based on what you saw in the video
  4. Do it again for another Demo video (if you have time)

Here are the Demo Videos and Feedback Forms:

Tutorial Playtest Video:

Please click the link below to give us feedback ↓

Part 1 Playtest Video:

Please click the link below to give us feedback ↓

Part 2 Playtest Videos:

Please click the link below to give us feedback ↓

Here are the things we want Feedback on:

We Choose Each Other (WCEO) is broken into 4 different parts that we work on in parallel. Here’s how they looked before we began working remotely at Halves (the halfway point of the semester):

Here’s how they look now:

You might notice that each part of the experience is in a slightly different stage of development, or “done-ness.”

With that in mind, here’s what we’re looking for feedback on specifically for each part:

  • Tutorial: Have we prepared you to play the game? How instructive is the Tutorial currently? Our tutorial has its core functionality, but does it actually teach you how to interact with the experience? Does it give you a sense of what the full experience will be like?
  • Part 1: Are you Max/Annaliese? Does Part 1 immerse you into the world and successfully ask you to take actions as either Max or Annaliese? How clearly do you know Max or Annaliese as people?
  • Part 2: Are things working or are you confused? Are the mechanics working? Do you understand what is happening mechanically? Do you require more explanation for what to do?

Additionally, we’d love to hear any suggestions about improving our videos or ways to get feedback remotely. Thank you all so much for your time and we look forward to hearing what you have to say!