Week 15: Penultimate Edition

PDF Download: Newsletter: Week 15

Welcome back, just in time for the penultimate week of the semester! We got to spend Tuesday with the whole Sony team and talked about the semester, the project, and the industry at great length. The Building Virtual Worlds Fall Festival took place on Wednesday, and everyone had a great time playing games and showing off our project to dozens of visitors.Screen Shot2-city screenshot1

We’ve spent what development time we had this week polishing the driving mechanics and AI of civilian cars. We’re working on reducing the scope of our deliverable, as we’re wrapping up the semester and time is running short! Our current plan is to focus our attention on one mission type, based on the clues and target mechanics from the last assignment. We want to move away from a collection of simple GTA style missions towards a more fluid, interesting, and constant driving experience. This weekend we’ll be planning out exactly what we want to do, what we can do, and what to deliver next week.  Our final presentation is scheduled for Friday, and we’re busy planning and practicing for that as well. Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion to our semester’s story!

– Team PlayStation Ignite