Week 1: Conception

PDF Download: Newsletter: Week 1

Week One is over here at PlayStation Ignite, and we’ve hit the ground running! This semester we will be creating 5 prototypes of interesting new game ideas, each completed in the space of 3 weeks. We’re following in the footsteps of the previous Sony team, PlayStation BlackLight, a project that was deemed to be highly successful. The team spent the week moving in, getting acquainted, and meeting with out clients, Ken, Jeff, and Dom from Sony Computer Entertainment America.IMG_20130902_121006

Over the course of Wednesday and Thursday, we spent many hours talking to the Sony team about the project and how the rest of the semester will look. High expectations were expressed, and our first assignment has already begun. We are to create a new, interesting character that Sony hasn’t seen be-fore. No pressure!

The team has had two character design brain-storming sessions already, and a couple interesting ideas have already arisen: a split personality entity who’s different personalities see different perspectives of the world; an octopus who keeps escaping his tanks despite aquarium staff efforts; and a boy who exists only as a shadow and relies of a swarm of fireflies to exist. Concept and reference art is being collected, and we’re happy with how brainstorming has been proceeding.IMG_20130830_162354

These newsletters should become much longer and more interesting too look at as the se-mester continues. Tune in next week to see how our first week of development goes, and thanks for join-ing us on this incredible journey into innovation!


-Team PlayStation Ignite