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Game Walkthrough


Warning! Game spoilers ahead!

The game opens with a storybook page where you choose your player character. As you 'read' through the book, the other pages ask them for your names, age and birth month. You also get to choose a name for your first birthday present - a puppy!

Cut Scene:
It's the day before your birthday. The upcoming party and the promise of visitors and gifts leaves you giddy with delight. You even got to open one special gift early-a cute little puppy who is just as curious and eager as you are. The excitement brews in you all day. It takes forever to even fall asleep, but you know that when you awake, it will be your big day. Your puppy curls up at the foot of your bed and you ease into a peaceful sleep.

You awaken to the sound of barking. "Morning already!" you think, but it's still pitch black outside. Puppy barks at the window as if he's seen something. You look to see what the problem is, but there's nothing there. "Puppy must need to potty", you think and throw on some clothes to let him out.

The air outside seems different-colder than usual. Puppy continues to bark, running around in circles. It doesn't look like rain, but a crack of lightning strikes and frightens both you and Puppy. A single feather falls out of the sky. You pick it up. "Strange", you note, as no birds are anywhere in sight. Suddenly objects shoot down from the above as if the clouds are falling from the sky. Something hits you. You black out.