Week 10

Shifting Focus

This week the team was focused on getting some game prototypes cranked out.  We were able to get 3 prototypes out fully functional with 4 more in the works.  Half of the team is out for the Game Developer Conference this week but the other half is working hard on getting these prototypes playtested.  We are holding a playtest within the ETC today to get a feel of what people like that we are doing and what people think could be done better.  Along with playtesting the game prototypes we will be screentesting the film portion of the experience.  Before the testers touch the game we will show them the film and ask them if they understand the story or if things seem amiss.  We want to make sure our story throughout the entire experience is very clear to the user.  This week we have also been working really hard on all the post production of the film.  To make the whole experience feel less like a film and more like a game, we have decided to add game elements into the film.  For example, when the suit gets hit with the guitar we will add a health meter or score going up graphic over his head.  We feel this will make the experience tie together as a whole much better.

When the rest of the team gets back from their conference we will pick the prototype that got the best feedback and solidify its direction into the final game portion of the experience.  Along with solidifying the prototype, we will also be working more on the Facebook integration of the film.  We want to ensure that the user can clearly see that their facebook information is being used in a way they might not like.  We also want to make sure that it looks smooth and doesn’t look added in at the last second.  Of course after all this is finalized we will have another more formalized playtest with high school seniors at Elizabeth Forward School District.  This will also help us know what needs to be improved on for the final release.

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