Week 11

The Beginning of The End

This week the rest of the team got back from the Game Developers Conference.  We were able to hit the ground running for working on the game.  We used the feedback that we got from playtesting the film and a few of our prototypes from fellow ETC students, faculty, and their guests to start driving toward our final product.  We have started creation on the art assets for the game and will begin animating them for the game.  We have also started to pull in a user’s Facebook information and Frank has been working with placing it into the film and the precise timing on when it appears.

On the film side, Chen has been working diligently on the post-production of the film.  He has been adding little “surface pleasures” into the film to tie it more into the game.  This includes adding the suit disappearing after he has been hit with the guitar and other video game type graphics.  This week we were also able to show off what we had to Anti-Flag and we were really excited to hear their feedback.  We were able to interview them so that we can use it in our team promo and also in a behind the scenes featurette that we will be creating.

Next week we will be continuing the game development and the facebook integration and pushing closer to a final product.  We hope to have a close to final product by April 15th so that we can go out and do a proper playtest of the entire experience later that week.  We plan on testing with high school seniors at Elizabeth Forward High School.  After the test we will have a soft opening version done for April 22nd.  After that the faculty review our experience they will also give us feedback and we will have 2 more weeks to polish and finalize the entire experience for release.

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