Week 13

Test, Test, Test

This week the team was able to create a prototype of the full experience.  We were then able to take this experience out to Elizabeth Forward High School to test it out with some students.  The general feedback was that it was a lot of fun to play.  Most students also said this is something they would show their friends.  These are two very positive things we discovered.  Some things we found that needed improvement was that the game needed a simpler way to show how to use the controls.  Also the majority of the testers got the gist of the story, but were still unsure that their information was being sold and we really want that point to come across in the story so we are working on making that clearer.

This week we were also able to meet with Jesse from Anti-Flag and hash out some of the final scheduling details and have come up with an official release date.  We also were able to discuss some other things that we can fix up for entire experience.  It was a very good meeting and things are looking on task.

Next week is soft opening!  The faculty will be playing our experience and giving us feedback on what they think we should work on improving.  With this feedback we will go into the polishing phase to deliver a final grand experience for Anti-Flag to use.  It will then be put out into the world for all to see.  We are pushing for a million hits the first day (so be prepared Frank!)

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