Week 12

Nose to the Grindstone

This week we have just been working hard on getting a fully functional prototype.  We need to have a fully functional prototype that takes the user from the film to the game as we are playtesting our experience on Wed, April 17th at Elizabeth Forward High School.  Once we test out the experience with students there, we will get feedback from them on what things we can improve upon.  Everything is starting to come together really nicely and we are very excited to show off our stuff.

On the film front, a lot of stuff has been done on the post-production side.  Chen has been adding a lot of really cool motion graphics to give the film a more game-style vibe.  We think this will really help the user in making a connection from the film to the game.  It’s really exciting and it gives the video that little extra “”oomph”.  After the test on Wednesday we will be moving forward towards our next milestone – a soft release.  The faculty will be looking at our whole experience and giving us feedback on what they would improve.  From there on out its polish, polish, polish until the final release date.  We are working hard on our final goal and are almost there!

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